About Us

Mastercare Business Management (Company No.: 001101847-T) was established under the Register of Business 1956 on 28 April 1997

Mastercare Business Management owned by Mastercare Business Management (M) Sdn Bhd was incorporated on 09 April 2001


Mastercare Business Management always focus to assist and guide the directors/all customers in their pursuit of profit and growth but also act with integrity and independence to protect the interests of the company.

This requires excellent communication skills, a thorough knowledge of the company’s business and applicable regulations, strength of character, integrity, and above all a professional approach.

Mastercare also to be available to provide comprehensive practical support and guidance to directors both as individuals and as a collective with particular emphasis on supporting the non-executive directors. We also facilitate the acquisition of information by all board and committee members so that they can maximize their ability to contribute to board meetings, discussions etc.

Further to these tasks, they need to assist in the compilation of board papers and to filter them to ensure compliance with the required standards of good governance. It may also be part of the Company Secretary’s role to raise matters which may warrant the attention of the board.


Mastercare vision will always give a good service to our client with dedication. To provide our customers with premium quality and efficient of service. This recognizes that Mastercare is key to the efficiency and effectiveness of the board and to the smooth running of the company. To fulfill the role, mastercare will keep up to date with relevant legal, statutory and regulatory requirements but also be able to give impartial advice and support to directors (in particular, non-executive directors who might not have such detailed knowledge of the company as the executive directors). Our list of core duties is therefore a distillation of statute, common law and good practice.


The company is specialized in Secretarial Service/Company Formation, Accounting, Auditing, Tax and Consultancy Services. Beside Mastercare Business Management also handly business area such as service for MOF, CIDB, lawyer information, Travel/Tours, Insurance/Property, design logo/website and PBT License.

Mastercare Business Management has experience in business almost 20th years in public and private sectors. As such we are very helpful that given the opportunity to contribute our energy and expertise that we have any project that offered so that we can provide the best services in improving the national economy.

Role of Company Secretary

Promotion, formation and incorporation of companies and matters related therewith Filling, registering any document including forms, returns and applications by and on behalf of the company as an authorised representative.

Maintenance of secretarial records, statutory books and registers. Arranging board/general meetings and preparing minutes thereof. All work relating to shares and their transfer and transmission.

Other services:

  • Approved Licensed Company Secretary In Malaysia
  • Company Registration Services In Malaysia
  • Ready Made And Shelf Companies In Malaysia
  • Accounting, Auditing, Taxation
  • Company Registered Office Address In Malaysia
  • Ministry Of Finance registration (MOF)




Mastercare Business Management. (001101847-T) had two directors who are experienced
in which they have led the company since it was established until now.

EN Mohd Hussin Bin Hj Bosarah

Chief Executive Officer / Managing Director

PPT, PJK, Member Of DPMS

En Mohd Hussin Bin Hj Bosarah over 20 years experience in business, joined the course in various fields of expertise with the aim of developing the company, very well in the consequences of various business and have extensive networking skill.

He is responsible for leading the administration Mastercare Business Management. A person who was concerned matters of staff welfare. A company director who thinks well and always looking to strengthen its business. As managing director of the company, he was active in trade associations and is a member of the DPMS and the arena. Had extensive experience in consulting, secretarial and construction.

PN Siti Norrita Binti Mohd Nor

General Manager / Company Secretary

LS 0008374, IACS 2201, MAICSA (AF 002545)

Pn Siti Norrita Binti Mohd Nor has 13 years experience, other than the one of directors of the company, she is also a qualified company secretary. Very experienced in corporate governance and responsible management and involves the establishment of foreign companies.

She is a director and company secretary of companies recognized by MAICSA and ICSA. Active in attending Seminars organized by the secretariat of the Commission of Malaysia (SSM) and the Professional Institute. A dedicated and committed to carry out work ethic. Honest, Responsible, Creative and Committed on every company that she works on.

She always ensure compliance with all relevant statutory and regulatory requirements and that due regard is paid to the specific business interests of the company, for example, a manufacturing company may require a different approach from that of a bank or a financial services company or from that of a charitable company. She also assist in the implementation of corporate strategies by ensuring that the board’s decisions and instructions are properly carried out and communicated. Further to this, they should be available to provide a central source of guidance and advice within the company on matters of business ethics and good governance.

In her always ensure that where certain of her responsibilities are delegated, such tasks are properly executed, since they can still be held accountable in law for any failure by the company to comply. She always act in good faith in the interests of the company; not to act for any collateral purpose to avoid conflicts of interest and not to make secret profits from dealings for or on behalf of the company.

Organization Chart


The Teams


From Left : Nawal Bt. Zainal Abidin, Suriati Bt. Mat Nor, Azilah Bt. Md Zamri, Mohamed Harris B. Khairuddin
Front : En. Hussin B. Hj Bosarah
From Left : Siti Fara Fazilun Bt. Hj Bosarah, Siti Norfah Bt. Hj Bosarah, Pn. Siti Norita Bt. Mohd Nor, Sharipah Bt. Mohd Yusop
From Left : Siti Norfah Bt. Hj Bosarah, Siti Fauziah Bt. Ja'afar, Pn. Siti Norita Bt. Mohd Nor, Siti Fara Fazilun Bt. Hj Bosarah, Sharipah Bt. Mohd Yusop
From Left : Nawal Bt. Zainal Abidin, Siti Norfah Bt. Hj Bosarah, Azilah Bt. Md Zamri, Mohamed Harris B. Khairuddin, En. Hussin B. Hj Bosarah, Pn. Siti Norita Bt. Mohd Nor, Sharipah Bt. Mohd Yusop, Suriati Bt. Mat Nor, Siti Fara Fazilun Bt. Hj Bosarah